IT Support

Pottersville on-campus tech support

At Word of Life we provide a modern education experience.  We are here to support you if you run into issues with your computer or mobile devices.

For the software we provide in your education experience, we provide complimentary service.  Self-help instructions are above.  If you need help, come to the IT Student Helpdesk, and we'll be glad to help you.   

  • Online: Tap here
  • Call: 518-494-6265
  • In-person: Offices below Hungary Hall

Since our NY campus is located in a rural area, we offer some fee-based support services for problems and upgrades.  Please come to the NY helpdesk to inquire about these services.*

  • Memory upgrades++
  • Hard Drive replacement++
  • Windows or Mac Configuration issues++
  • Malware (Virus) mitigation++
  • Screen, Keyboard, or Trackpad replacement++

* Note: We are not a service center for any brand; therefore, we are unable to provide warranty service for any.

++ Various issues can occur which may inhibit repair such as level of damage, or availability of parts.





Common Support Topics